Meghan DePonceau


Meghan DePonceau is both a professional giggle maker & hooch slinger, with blood made of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. DePonceau left behind her previous career, as a ruthless bookie in Buffalo, NY to pursue her passion in the defensive dark arts of stand up comedy, in Denver, CO, where she currently she hosts and produces unCORKED!, Shanty Town, Charlie Foxtrot and is the "Chief of Butts" at Her writing has been published by Funny or Die, Suspect Press, Barf Magazine and her storytelling has been featured on RISK! , Unsent, We Still Like You & the Narrators podcasts. Meghan regularly performs at Helium Comedy Club & Comedy Works, is the known inventor of “Taco Pasta”. She has been seen gargling across America at various comedy festivals including High Plains, Cream City, Beast Village and Altercation, while also as a headliner on the Art of Female Comedy Festival & on the Loosen the Bible Belt tour. DePonceau is fluent in three dead languages, two of which she killed with her bare hands.