Mara Wiles


Mara Wiles is a comedian, writer, and actress based in New York City. She incubated in Denver’s vibrant standup scene, where she won best comic at the 2011 Laugh Tracks Comedy Festival and was named one of 2014’s 100 Colorado Creatives by Westword. Since moving to Brooklyn, she’s quickly made an impression on the local scene as a performer whose presence is arresting and whose energy is infectious. Her material is inflected with a cerebral goofiness that has made her a sought-after act around New York, where she’s appeared at Littlefield, Union Hall, and UCB. A comedy festival favorite, she’s performed at Crom Omaha, The Comedy Exposition, Burning Bridges, and her hometown’s High Plains Comedy Festival. Maybe you’ve seen her in Viceland’s “Flophouse”, “Hidden America with Jonah Ray”, or heard her on the Risk! Storytelling Podcast with Kevin Allison. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, she’s excited for you to listen to her jokes and maybe even pay her to tell them.