Sean is a stand up comedian living in Los Angeles by way of South Dakota. He made it out even though South Dakota is the greatest state in the country! Sean spent his formative years in Portland, OR where he was voted the funniest person in 2014. In 2015, he was named one of the "Comics to Watch" by Splitsider and in 2016 was awarded the same title by Comedy Central. Sean moved to Los Angeles just over a year ago where he wasted no time digging into the standup scene, performing on the top shows in the city while also maintaining a non-stop touring schedule.

If you're a podcast fan then you've most likely heard Sean on the wildly popular podcast All Fantasy Everything, where he is a regular co-host. IndieWire magazine even crowned an episode as One of the 50 Best Podcast Episodes of 2017! How fun is that?! Sean is also a regular guest and fan favorite on Doug Benson's podcast Doug Loves Movies. You may have also heard him on Professor Blastoff, The Crabfeast, Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction, Put Your Hands Together and ARIYNBF (Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend).

Sean is no stranger to the festival circuit doing festivals like this one all over the country. Those festivals include: Sketchfest in San Francisco, High Plains Comedy Festival in Denver and Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, to name a few. Sean was also a part time staff writer on Live Wire radio and just recently wrapped up as a member of a writing team for a Comedy Central pilot.