The festival is underway!

The first two nights are in the record books and there's only on night left—our biggest Saturday yet.

Here are a few tips for getting the best the fest has to offer.


SATURDAY headlining show

Come see a wildly popular podcast about wildly unpopular movies. Hilarious hosts Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas and June Diane Raphael (and maybe a surprise guest?) breakdown the Travolta "classic," Look Who's Talking Too. If you're not already an HDTGM fan, you will be after a live show, and if you already are, get ready to experience the shenanigans you love, live and in person in Denver for the very first time. 


We have a mobile fest app!

Our friends at Laughplan.Info have graciously built an easy-to-use schedule app for the festival this year. Browse the schedule, log in to save your favorite shows, check the lineups, find links to tickets, tweet about the shows and performers you see—all from the convenience of your phone.


Buy Festival Merch!

T-shirts, summer-weight hoodies, baseball caps, and a fun assortment of vintage swag from previous years. Visit our merchandise headquarters at Mutiny Information Cafe to get your own mementos of the fest before they sell out!


Get to know The FUNNY FOLKS.

Browse through our full festival lineup to learn more about all of our amazing comedians. Watch their videos, follow them on Twitter, and find out where to watch them this weekend.


Show them some love.

This festival is an effort of love and collaboration between creative artists, selfless staff, gracious venues, generous volunteers, and supportive sponsors. Support us by supporting the folks who make this festival possible.