Meghan E. DePonceau is both a stand-up comedian and super villain originally from Buffalo, NY, with her current headquarters/evil lair based in Denver, CO. She combined her various passions of professional booze-slinging, wearing cute bows in her hair, and giggle-making by creating and co-hosting Amuse Booze, a bartending competition inside a comedy show, leaving behind her previous careers as a ruthless bookie and pulling Excalibur from the stone reenactor.  Other accolades and distinctions include: Caller number 17 and winner of the concert tickets. She is fluent in three dead languages, two of which she killed with her bare hands. Finally, she has both a sandwich and a cocktail named after her.

The DePonceau: Order a single-barrel Scotch aged longer then you've been alive, two fingers, neat. Repeat. Take home the empty bottle, put it on top of your fridge where bread would go. That's the sandwich.


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