Mara Wiles was born in Maryland, or as she likes to call it, Maraland. That's where she developed her self-proclaimed East Coast edge. Her family moved to Colorado when she was in 3rd grade and she's been here ever since. While she’s based out of Denver, she has been spreading her special kind of charm telling jokes all over North America and LOVING IT! Mara performs regularly at the famous Comedy Works Denver and has trained with the Impulse Theater improv troupe. Mara won best comic at the 2011 Laugh Tracks Comedy Festival and was named one of 2014's 100 Colorado Creative by Westword. Mara produces and hosts a variety of shows including “Buddy Buddy” (sketch), “Sex and the Witty” (comedian commentary over old episodes of Sex and the City), and “Mara Wiles and the Funky Brunch,” which will make its official festival debut at High Plains this year! When she isn’t telling jokes she is usually pretending to get into yoga, walking dogs or reading Real Simple.