Kyle Pogue is funny. Like, really, really funny. I mean, it’s kind of ridiculous how funny he is! And I know what you’re thinking… who writes these bios, anyway? Do they write them for themselves? It’s very complicated and hard to understand from outside the industry. All you need to take away from this is that Kyle Pogue is incredibly funny and probably one of your favorite comedians.

One part of the group Fort Comedy, Kyle was a finalist in the 2016 Comedy Works New Faces Competition. He has hosted shows for Adam Cayton-Holland, Josh Blue, Todd Barry, Rory Scovel and Doug Stanhope, all name droppable comedians that look sweet on a bio.

Kyle Pogue just moved to Denver to burrow deeper into the strong arms of the Colorado comedy scene. He is very happy to be here.

I am. I am very happy. It’s me. It’s been me the whole time.