John Tole is a Catholic comedian, writer, voice actor, performance coach, expert philosopher and thrash metal wizard.

Tole has been featured on Howard TV, Vann TV, Sirius XM, Howard 100, Howard 101, Hits 1, Playboy Radio and was a contributor to The Howard Stern Show, Howard 100 News and The Jay Thomas Show. Tole also has a fast-growing list of nationally syndicated appearances in both established and growing markets.

He has rocked stages at Oddball Comedy Festival, SXSW Interactive Festival, Fun Fun Fun Fest, Limestone Comedy Festival and multiple Moontower Comedy Festival appearances.

He is a regular on The Tin Foil Hat Podcast on All Things Comedy and hosts his own podcast called 3 Minutes to Save The World. Tole is also the Host of "Moving Weight" and "I'm Not Paying For This".

John was profiled by VICE for the triumphant return of the legendary Pitboss 2000. PB2K, the Capital City chaos crushers, fanned the flames of their cult-like fandom and rewarded their fans' loyalty in 2016 with releases including "The Cult of F*** Yeah", "The Overview Effect" and "The Witnesses of Elsewhere".

So far in 2018, Tole has released 4 CDs including "Whatever It Is You Do All Day", "11 Rounds of MMA", "Clean and Jerk" and "Shroomin' and Kinda Alive at Coldtowne" as follow ups to his 2017 release "Pre-Existing Condition." Tole writes a daily blog on faith and has three book releases due out in November. More info can be found at