Hampton is a comedian and is also a human being filled with blood and guts. 

He started comedy in DC and later moved to LA where he’s currently working as a writer and performer. 

He’s written and produced for:
Ridiculousness on MTV
The Eric Andre Show
Loiter Squad
The Meltdown
Mystery Science Theater 3000

Hampton has performed his stand-up on Conan, Comedy Central, MTV, and for multiple festivals:
Just For Laughs
Bridgetown Comedy Festival
Oddball Comedy Fest
New York Comedy Festival
Comedy Central South Beach Festival

Currently he is the voice of Crow T. Robot on Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix. 

He has a new album out called Bearable that is his follow-up to Unbearable and Joss Whedon called it “very funny” right before quitting twitter.

His new hour of material is hella tight.