Derrick Rush was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He has always loved to be the center of attention, cracking jokes on family members and repeating jokes he heard on Bill Cosby: Himself, a tape that his father got him for Christmas. He always seemed to want to be a comedian but never had the outlet or resources in Memphis to do so—only the local barbershops and family reunions where he started his joking ways.

In 1992, Derrick joined the Navy and got married and that put comedy on hold. Thirteen years later, after a horrible divorce, Derrick felt he had nothing else to lose and moved to Denver where the only family he had lived—including an uncle who said he needed a way to vent out his frustrations and anger. So Derrick started a YouTube channel, venting his frustrations by telling jokes about things that bothered him. A pro comic from Ohio saw Derrick on YouTube and told him he should be doing stand up comedy, so in 2009 he went to Comedy Works South and tried out some material he had done on YouTube. The people laughed, he was hooked, and he has been going nonstop ever since.

His stand up act consists of what he calls the Four Rs: reefer, racism, relationships and religion. He can go from a laid back act to a rough, rugged and raw comedian in seconds. Denver's Westword magazine has said that Derrick is a comedian who everyone should look out for.


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