Brent Gill knew he would be a performer the first time he felt the heat of a roomful of eyes on his bare genitalia onstage. (It’s a long story and a sealed court document). While merely a teenager, Brent was a steel worker by day and exotic dancer by night. His goal: Immortality. However, a lingering knee injury suffered during a particularly erotic shimmy to Ginuwine’s “Pony,” as well as an expanding waistline made it clear that Brent Gill’s dancing days neared an end. Initially his attempts at nude, comedic, interpretive dance failed, but he quickly found confidence behind the mic as a more traditional standup comedian. Though slightly less erotic than his previous endeavors, Brent’s onstage charisma and energy will leave audiences aroused and entranced.

“Brent is a MUST-SEE live act” says Urban Life magazine and the Boulder Weekly describes him as “the love child of Chris Farley and Winnie the Pooh.” Brent is known for his five-year run as Dan K, co-host of Marijuana Radio, a top-ten comedy podcast on iTunes in 2010. Also as the creator of the comedy-news show, Infauxmation! currently running in Denver, Toronto, and New York. He has been a featured performer at the High Plains Comedy Festival, Laughing Devil Festival, Def Comedy Jam and Comcast.